Japan Remit Finance Co., Ltd.


Registration Number: No.00024 (Remittance) / No. 00737 (Payment Service)

Director General of Kanto Local Financial Bureau

資金移動業者 「関東財務局長 00024 号」 前払式支払手段発行業者「関東財務局長 第00737号」

A. Privacy Policy/Personal Information Protection Policy

Japan Remit Finance Co., Ltd. (hereafter “JRF” or “Company”) recognizes your personal data (“Your Information”) as your important property. On the basis of such recognition, JRF shall undertake our payment service and international remittance company registered in accordance with the Act of Settlement. JRF will take a proactive step to safeguard Your Information of our customers, who use our payment service at ease, in accordance with Personal Information Protection Policy as below outlined.

    1. Compliance with All Applicable Laws and Standards
      JRF will strictly comply with all applicable laws and standards related to Your Information in our possession, which includes all applicable administrative guidelines and rules the government of Japan issues.
    2. Use of Your Information
      The Company will, obtaining Your Information, identify the specific purpose of use and obtain it to the extent it becomes necessary to execute our payment service.
    3. Obtainment of Your Information
      JRF is committed to legitimately obtain Your Information, by identifying the specific purpose and specifying what information is needed, upon your consent.
    4. No Disclosure of Your Information to Third Party
      The Company will not disclose Your Information to any third party without obtaining prior consent from the relevant customer or any legal foundation, except as otherwise required by all laws and regulations to cooperate with the regulatory authorities and/or the juridical intuitions, and except for the purposes to abide by the laws and regulations to combat Anti-money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing, which include the case where the financial institutions, which provide for JRF the bulk cross-border funding services and the domestic bank account transfer service, conduct its audit and inspection against JRF.
    5. Transfer of Your Information to Third Party in the Foreign Countries
      To proceed with our businesses under the Act of Settlements, the Company shall have to transfer Your Information to the third parties including the foreign financial institutions (the names of which are exhibited at JPRemit Terms and Conditions) and its relevant central bank/regulators. Further, JRF adequately monitors and evaluates how those institutions safeguards Your Information. Your Information subject to the transfer to the foreign financial institutions as stipulated at this clause shall include the ones below.
      Remitter Information: Name, Date of Birth, Address, Gender, Contact, Copy of Personal Identification Document, Personal Identification Document Number, Issuance Date of Personal Identification Document, Authority Name to issue Personal Identification Document, Nationality, Remittance Amount, Remittance History, Remittance Purpose, Source of Remittance Funds, Occupation, Relationship with the Beneficiary.
      Beneficiary Information: Name, Date of Birth, Address, Gender, Contact, Nationality, Personal Identification Document Number, Name of Banks or Financial Institutions, BIC/SWIFT Code, Account Number, Transaction Reference Number, Transaction PIN, Account Card Number, Wallet ID.
    6. Management of Your Information
      JRF will strictly manage Your Information to the extent of its intended use only and execute the safety management measure in order to avoid leakage, loss, or damage of Your Information. The Company will also continuously improve framework to manage Your Information protection. The Company stipulates the storage period of seven (7) years from the date of the transaction completed and the methods of storage are at our office premises, the external storage space on the basis of our contract with Wanbishi Archives Co., Ltd., and JRF database server storage. All the storage locations are restricted to the places inside Japan.
    7. Supervision of Outsourcing Contractor
      JRF may appoint an outsourcing contractor to properly and effectively implement our payment service, and such a contractor would have an access to Your Information the Company obtains. For this reason, JRF will carefully select the outsourcing contractor from the view point of Your Information protection. Further, the Company will contractually bind the outsourcing contractor to safeguard Your Information under our proper and assured supervision.
    8. Disclosure, Amendment and Deletion of Your Information
      In the case that you request any disclosure, amendment, and/or deletion of Your Information obtained by the Company from, JRF will take appropriate actions in accordance with all applicable laws including Personal Information Protection Act, and any standards and rules which the government of Japan issues. We will clarify where and how to receive such requests.
    9. Response to Inquiries and Complaints
      The Company will establish the system and procedure to quickly respond to inquiries and complaints about our Personal Information Protection Policy.

Personal Information Protection Policy set on March 31, 2012 (Last revision on November 16,2024)Representative Director: Hossain Sarwar

Contact Point regarding Personal Information Protection Policy

Japan Remit Finance Co., Ltd. (Personal Information Counseling Office at Compliance Department) Modulo Hamamatsucho BLDG 3F, 1-2-15, Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0013, Japan Telephone: +81-35860-1588 Office Opening Hours: Mon-Fri (from 9:30 to 18:30); and Sun (from 9:00 to 18:00)
Email Address: compliance@jpremit.com

B. 資金移動業に関する個人情報保護基本方針


    1. 関係法令、及びその他の規範の遵守について
    2. 利用目的の特定及び取り扱いについて
    3. 個人情報の取得について
    4. 個人情報を第三者へ提供する場合
    5. 外国にある第三者へ個人情報を移転する場合
    6. 個人情報の適正な管理について
    7. 委託先の監督
    8. 個人情報の開示・訂正・削除などについて
    9. 苦情及び相談について

以上制定日:平成 24 年 3 月 31 日(令和元年5月 10 日改訂/令和3年4月30日改訂/令和3年3月4日改訂/令和5年11月16日改訂)
代表取締役 ホセイン・サロア



〒105-0013 東京都港区浜松町一丁目 2 番 15 号 モデューロ浜松町ビル 3 階
電話番号 03-5860-1588
受付時間 月曜から金曜(午前 9:30-午後 6:30) 日曜(午前 10:00-午後 6:00) eメールアドレス compliance@jpremit.com

Procedure to Request for a Disclosure of Retained Personal Data

Japan Remit Finance Co., Ltd., (hereinafter “JRF”) hereby stipulates the procedure about notification of the purpose to use the Retained Personal Data (hereinafter “RPD”), its disclosure upon the requests of our valued clients, amendment of RPD, and the termination request placed against JRF to use RPD in accordance with Act on the Protection of Personal Information (effective since April 1, 2005; amended on May 30, 2017).

    1. Procedure to Request for a Disclosure of RPD
      Information subject to a disclosure request under this procedure is RPD as defined in the above Act and intrinsic to the clients of JRF. The person to claim a disclosure of RPD is the client himself or herself, or a proxy person appointed by the client.
    2. How to Request for a Disclosure of RPD
      The client demanding a disclosure of RPD is kindly requested to submit the designated form of request, and the copy of valid personal identification which has been provided by the client to JRF at the time of client registration, or his or her remittance transaction created. In the case of the request placed by the proxy person, the designated form of request shall also attach the copy of valid identification of the client as well as the proxy person.
    3. Designated Form of Requests (Collectively referred to as “Requests”)
      ①Designated Form of Request for a Disclosure of RPD (see the attachment 1)
      ②Request for RPD amendment (upon our receipts of such an amendment request, JRF deems such request as authentic and irrevocable)
      ③Designated Form of Request to Terminate the Use of RPD by JRF(see the attachment 2)
      ④Designated Form of Power of Attorney (see the attachment 3)
    4. Process Fee
      JRF shall demand a process fee of JPY 1,000 (Tax included) only in the case of ①Designated Form of Request for a Disclosure of RPD with other two requests (② and ③) kept free of the Process Fee.
    5. Response from JRF
      JRF shall respond by issuing the registered postal mail upon its receipt of any of the Requests within 30 days from a later date of complete sets of forms received by JRF or the above Process Fee, if any, paid by the client placing the Request(s), subject to the extended due diligence period required by JRF to respond. Even in the case of the Request(s) made by a proxy person, the registered postal mail shall be forwarded to the client himself or herself.
    6. Purpose of Utilization of Personal Information obtained by JRF through the Requests
      Personal information obtained through the Requests shall be only used to respond to your Requests in such a way that JRF internally investigates and conduces an internal due diligence only to identify the requested RPD.
    7. Disability of JRF to Respond to the Requests
      JRF may not be able to respond to the Requests placed by the client or its proxy person in the following cases;
      No Acceptance of the Requests
      – When we cannot identify RDP on the client;
      – When we cannot vindicate the Power of Attorney to the proxy person;
      – When the designated form of Requests deems incomplete; and
      – When no designated Process Fee is paid;

      Rejection to the Requests whereby no Process Fee shall be refunded
      – When JRF is found not to retain personal information requested;
      – When JRF regards relevant personal information kept by JRF as Non-RPD※; (※: Non-RPD means personal information non
      databas-formatted, data only used to dispatch
      the registered mails or Yupack only, and so on)
      – When there is a likelihood to infringe others property, rights and any other interests
      – When our response to the Requests adversely affects JRF’s business conducts.
      – When our response of the Requests is considered illicit or potentially leads to any breach of laws.

If there is any conflict or contradiction in interpretations between English version and Japanese version, Japanese one shall prevail without any restriction.

Effective from May 30, 2017
Japan Remit Finance Co., Ltd.


株式会社ジャパンレミットファイナンス(以下、「当社」)は、お客様からお預かりする個人情報を、「個人情報の保護に関する法律」(平成 17 年4月 1 日施行、平成
29 年 5 月 30 日改正施行)に基づき、お客さまからの保有個人データの利用目的の通知の求め、保有個人データの開示請求、内容の訂正、追加または削除、および利用の停止または消去(以下「開示請求等」といいます。)に関する手続きは以下のとおりとなっております。

    1. 開示請求等
      開示請求等の対象となる情報は、お客様本人に係る保有個人データが対象で、開示請求等が可能なの は、お客様本人か、開示請求等の求めをすることにつきお客様ご本人が委任された代理人。
    2. 受付方法
    3. 開示請求等に関する請求書等の様式
      ① 保有個人データ開示等請求書(添付 1)
      ② 保有個人データ訂正等請求書(お客様より登録済情報変更箇所の情報を入手することで請求書提出がなされたものと認識する)
      ③ 保有個人データ利用停止等請求書
      ④ 委任状(添付3)
    4. 手数料
      当社の開示請求等の手続き料(上記①)は消費税込みで 1,000 円(但し保有個人データ訂正等請求の場合(上記②)ならび保有個人データ利用停止等請求の場合(上記③)は除く)。振込料はお客様にて負担となります。
    5. 開示請求等に関する請求書等への回答方法
      回答方法当社は、上記請求書を受領して かつ 手数料の入金が確認できてから 30 営業日以内に、開示決定通
    6. 開示請求等に関し取得した個人情報の利用目的
    7. 開示請求等の受付・回答ができない場合受付
      回答のできない場合は その旨理由を付して書面にて通知すいたしますが、その場合手数料の返還はいたしません。


平成 29 年 5 月 30 日