Step 1

Tap the send money section

Step 2

Seclect or type phone number and add your money which you send

Step 3

Enter your amount

Step 4

Tap 3s in JRFPay logo

Send money service

  • 1.

    Open JRFPay app

  • 2.

    Open send money menu

  • 3.

    Enter recepient account number

  • 4.

    Enter your amount you want send

  • 5.

    Enter your note or reference

  • 6.

    Enter your PIN or password

  • 7.

    Tap 3s then your send money are done!

Terms & Condition

JAPAN REMIT FINANCE CO., LTD. is a technology based financial service provider company registered under the rules, regulations of Office of Company Registrar complies laws of Government of Japan and licensed By Japan Bank Payment system department for PSO (Payment System Operator) and PSP(Payment service provider) and its sister concerned companies Of JRF Group . JAPAN REMIT FINANCE CO., LTD. is giving a wide-range of Cumulative Financial Services through its merchant network.
In addition to provide high quality electronic fund transfer services to its clients to transfer fund from all over the world. JAPAN REMIT FINANCE CO., LTD. makes life easier, safer and secure in terms of physical movement of money.